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The Dewitt Farmer’s Market is located in downtown Dewitt, MI just one half block north of the main intersection of Bridge and Main Streets.  The Farmers Market runs Tuesday nights June - Mid-October.

2014 Farmers Market HAS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! 

BIG THANKS TO ALL OUR AMAZING VENDORS AND FARMERS!  OUR ENDLESS GRATITUDE TO OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS - WHO ASSISTED WEEKLY!  Big shout outs to our musician friends who contributed to a lively atmosphere, great music, dancing and just chillin! FINALLY, thank you to all our visitors and shoppers who made the 2014 DeWitt Farmers Market such a success!

This year's market featured 25-30 weekly vendors - startling in July.  We experienced an increase in foot traffic.  Our average weekly attendances ran 600-800.  Our peak weeks rang up attendances 900-1,000 visitors/shoppers.

Stay tuned for pictures and highlights from the season.  Keep track of us on the DeWitt Farmers Market FaceBook page - please "Like" us and share our FaceBook Page!

Our 2015 Vendor Rules and Application is on target to be available Feb. 28, 2015.  Please reference the 2014 information below.  There will be some changes and updates to both the "Rules" and "Application".

We are also on target to accept SNAPP benefits and debit cards for the 2015 Market Season!

We have vendors already interested in our 2015 Season, and we already have some of our Live Music Dates set.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we GROW!

There will be manny opportunities to grow and help with the 2015 Market Season!  If you would like to be involved early in the process as a volunteer - please email

DeWitt Farmers' Market - 2014 Vendor Rules